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    "As part of my career progression, I moved from a one-country territory in India to a much larger geographical. During my transition, I struggled with communicating efficiently across 14 different countries. When i started to work with Neeru, I instantly noticed she approached my unique situation holistically. She always connected with my personality, ensuring my ideas and experiments were authentic. Together, we created a roadmap for my success. Working with Neeru has resulted in an adaptable communication style, which in turn resulted in visible and tangible improvement in my work. Communication is key at all levels, especially in a matrix organization, and having a coach like Neeru at my side through this journey has played a valuable role in evaluating my performance and my success."

    Nishchint Bhatia Senior Director Agriculture (Asia, Middle East, and Africa at PepsiCo International) March 11, 2019

    "I would recommend mBit Breakthrough Sessions to any individual who feels stuck in business or in life. Neeru provides individuals with the tools and techniques they need to gain new perspectives and awareness by encouraging you to open up your thoughts and feelings. The result is an enhanced understanding of one's inner self."

    Carly Ivany Transformed Life and Career March 11, 2019

    "Before completing my mBit Breakthrough Sessions, I was unable to gain clarity on important decisions in my business. With guidance of my coach, Neeru, I was able to gain absolute clarity on what I needed to do. More importantly, I gained the confidence to take action. Best of all, I can continue to use the skills I have learned on my own to solve the critical decisions and situations I face on a day-to-day basis."

    Ashish Puri CEO GSTS (Interior Design and Fit-Out) March 11, 2019

    "To say that my personal mBit Breakthrough Sessions were a success would be an understatement! Once I got the breathing techniques down, the Multi Brain Integration Techniques (mBraining) helped be to achieve the clarity I had been lacking in both my personal and professional life. My Breakthrough Coaching Session helped me identify and move past my "State of Stuckness" and empowered me with the tools and confidence to take action."

    Frank Stebbing CEO Frank Brands (Branding Agency) March 11, 2019

    "With the help of my Mastermind Group coaching sessions, I have gained a clearer understanding of what I want to do and what I want to offer. Most importantly, I have learned how to say "no" when a client is asking for a free service. I highly recommend Mastermind Group sessions to any entrepreneur looking to overcome the obstacles on their path to success."

    Meenal Doogar Mastermind Group Participant March 11, 2019

    "Participating in the Hogan Assessment has transformed both my personal and professional life. Through the help of my coach and my personal coaching sessions, I came to realize that improvisation is necessary for all spheres of life. I now understand how my personality traits impact my strengths and weakness. Best of all, I have learned how to leverage these traits, strengths, and weaknesses to the benefit of my personal and professional life."

    Amit Bhuraria Hogan Assessment Participant March 11, 2019

    "We recently had the pleasure of having Ms. Neeru lead a workshop for our management team. Combining her years of business experience with her coaching skills, Neeru was able to engage the entire group of 16 directors in her session and activities. The feedback after the group session was superb, and our management team left with an enhanced way of thinking and engaging with each other.

    Salma Rifai Director L&D Rotana Group of Hotels March 11, 2019

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