Designed Specifically for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs - Mastermind Groups Help Individuals Find Clarity, Set Attainable Goals, and Stand Out Within Their Market.

Success Steps

Group Mastermind Sessions are designed to unshackle
your personal and professional self.

Unshackled Mastermind

How will you benefit from Group Mastermind Sessions?


Leverage the power of team feedback, brainstorming new ideas and solutions while you entertain the notion of unlimited possibilities. Your fellow Mastermind Group members will serve as champions who support your path to business growth and development.

Think bigger

When divergent opinions come together in a Mastermind Group it inevitably augments the views and opinions of the individual group members. Over time, individuals will open up, challenge themselves, and begin to broaden their own thought processes.

New perspectives

Mastermind Groups bring together successful entrepreneurs from various walks of life. Each group member brings their unique experiences and input to the table, which offers new perspectives to the group.


When you receive positive feedback from peers, bounce questions and brainstorm answers, group members will inevitably make better decisions. Develop a system to stay focused and on your path.


The intimacy of the group coaching sessions cultivates the perfect environment for open and honest feedback, which in turn leads to sustained growth and development. Together, you will work to develop boundaries and find ways to carve out time for yourself.

Personal insights

The feedback obtained through a Mastermind group transcends business ideas – extending to the individual Self. Together, you will what activities and solutions will bring growth and development to your business. This safe and secure environment helps group members achieve both personal and professional growth.


"With the help of my Mastermind Group coaching sessions, I have gained a clearer understanding of what I want to do and what I want to offer. Most importantly, I have learned how to say “no” when a client is asking for a free service. I highly recommend Mastermind Group sessions to any entrepreneur looking to overcome the obstacles on their path to success."

Meenal Doogar Mastermind Group Participant January 13, 2019

"With the help of my Mastermind Group and Neeru's coaching, I developed accountability to stay on track to achieve my personal and professional goals. Through my collaborative experience, I developed the clarity and confidence needed to make beneficial decisions to grow my business."

Jyothi Mastermind Group Participant January 13, 2019

"In working with my Mastermind Group, I discovered the importance of action, and developed consistent action planning. I was also introduced to innovative technologies and apps that will benefit my business."

Daniel Mastermind Group Participant January 13, 2019

Reach New Heights with Group Mastermind Sessions

Discover how to take your business to the next level. You have the drive, passion, and experience – together with your Mastermind Group, we can put together the pieces of the puzzle to help you unshackle your fullest potential. Contact us today to schedule your Group Mastermind coaching session!

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